Tuesday, April 04, 2006

sermon commentary from church members

Four Comments about the audio sermons on-line

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From: George Mathew (Monday, March 27, 2006)

My dear Achen,

Trust all is well. I am glad you have taken up a new ministry. It will be a
blessing for all who hear it.

With love and prayers,
Benny Semassan

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From: Rachel Pyngolil (Friday, March 24, 2006)

Dear Fr. John Brian:

I did spend some time listening to one of the sermons on the blogspot. I
didn't have a chance to listen to many of them; however, I find that it is a
great initiative, and I thank you for your interest and the effort you put
forth in doing this. I find the sermon enlightening and think this is a
great project and hope that others benefit from it, as well. Often
non-denominational churches will put their services online for members who
are unable to make it to church. Our service is far more interactive, so I
don't think you can entirely benefit from it without attending church,
however, being able to at least benefit from the sermon and a lot of people
do enjoy the service and music from our service, so if you do have
recordings of service music/and such that would be nice to access and
download, as well. Thanks and God bless!

Rachel Pyngolil

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From: Jason (Thursday, March 23, 2006)

Dear and Reverend Achen,

I had an opportunity to listen to a few of the on-line sermons. It's a
really great service for those who are unable to hear the sermons directly.
It was definitely a good idea to integrate the sermons on a blog, providing
opportunity for feedback and easy access. I don't know if you recall, but we
met at the St.Gregorios conference in Philadelphia last year.

Thank you for the self-less services you render to the church.

With Love and Prayers,
Jason, Tampa

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From: Jacob Mathew (Thursday, March 23, 2006)

Dear Achen and Kochamma:

I am really excited that you are making your sermons available digitally
online. This will be a treat for people such as us who cannot attend your
services in WI.

Cleveland Prayer Group

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