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Ghebre Huwarshek wrote on Sunday, July 02, 2006 5:13 PM
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From: Rev Fr John Brian [mailto:frjohnbrian@priest.com]
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To: 'Ghebre Huwarshek'

Yes, I can see the woundedness and brokenness of the world around us - but there IS healing. For all the pain in the world, God's mercy is still abundant. It is our task as Orthodox Christians to bring love, peace and healing to the places where  it does not seem to be present
So, are you bringing healing or more wounds to those around you? 
Do not be dismayed if you are not sure or if you feel inadequate to work for love, peace and healing in difficult circumstances, among difficult people.
Each of us, individually, is truly inadequate.  But, as children of God, we are not alone - even though each of us must each do the work of Christianity in our own individual lives, regardless of where in the world we find ourselves; no matter who we have to deal with.
It is by partaking of the sacramental life of Holy Church that we are strengthened for this tremendous task in front of each of us.
It is not for us to change the world by ourselves through our individual efforts. Yet, without our individual good and loving works, the world would truly be a worse place to live.  Sometimes, as little as a smile can give hope to someone in despair.  Sometimes holding the door open can bring a moment of relief to someone whose arms are broken or to one who is exhausted from fighting cancer.  There are many ways to bring healing, love and peace - some more obvious than others.  Each of us is unique and will be able to offer unique gifts of healing moments to others.  We need to open our hearts and be willing to minister. Even the most subtle and covert means of ministry will become obvious to us through the angelic tugging at our hearts.
I am reminded that even a bumpy road can lead us home - it is not the "bumps in the road," but rather the direction we are traveling. 
I hope this has answered your concerns.  If you are presented with personal issues or dilemmas, I would recommend praying to God and speaking to your priest.  What church so you attend?  Perhaps, I may able to help you. 
your servant,
Fr John Brian
Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Mission
Madison, Wisconsin

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