Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Virgin Mary Icon drips Oil in front of the Media reports in Brooklyn

The Virgin Mary Icon drips Oil in front of the Media reports in Brooklyn, please see the media footage and the testimony of a report who said he was there for 2 hours and the Oil kept coming. He described the oil as something he never saw before and he does not know what it is made of ….


Nancy Jackson said...

This is truely a miracle. Are they still allowing people into the church? Is the oil still dripping and can we get in traveling from CO?


Anonymous said...

Praised be Jesus Christ at whose name every knee must bow and every impossibility will become possible . At wedding in Cannan, the first miracle of Jesus was done at the request of Blessed Virgin Mary, His Mother and Mother of his Body the Church ( and my mother also). If Jesus is miraculous and Adorable Son of God,Mary is the Mother of Miracles as she has found favour with God . What other miracle will be impossible for God to do through her who is made Mother of Our Saviour ? Infact, all generation will call her blessed, to the glory of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.So, I don't doubt it; for those who beleive no explanation is necessary but for those who do not beleive no explanation is possible to convince them. No wonder Jesus said, no one comes/beleives in me unless drawn by my Father . St. Therese of Child Jesus summarized it that ," everything is by the grace of God..."

Sr. Ann Perpetua

Mike Rizzio said...

We had a similar experience here in Robstown, Texas several years ago with an image of Jesus and a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The Church is hesitant to pronounce these type manifestations miracles, and yet they all carry the same message...physical and spiritual healing through faith in the saving power of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the maternal assistance of His mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.

It is the fullness of truth that is shrouded in mystery...and definitively CATHOLIC.

Anonymous said...

If you watch the clip, it says its in a residence in Brooklyn, not a church.