Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Light Crosses Dark, Life Crosses Death - September 2007

Light Crosses Life Crosses

Homiletic sermon delivered Sunday September 30, 2007 by Fr John Brian
at Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Mission in Madison, Wisconsin - on the occasion of Meskel (Holy Cross) festival.

Focusing on Romans Chapter 8 and a passage from Matthew Chapter 5 and other scriptures appointed for the 3rd Sunday of the Holy Cross.


susan said...

Is there a place where I can read the sermons?
I would like to read them at my pace and think about them.
Thank You

John Brian said...

Dearest Susan,

There are some earlier sermons (1999-2002) to be read at

You are not the only who has made this request:

"Dear Fr.John Brian,
"Your sermons are very enlightening to our faith, new vision of our church life. My suggestion is please collect all your sermons regarding spiritual awakening thoughts make book. It is a good assets of our coming generation and for this generation also.I like your thoughts and sermons

"If you have book please let me know. I need some books."
Fr. Yohannan Panicker
St. Thomas Orthodox Church
Los angeles.

Unfortunately, these sermons are completely extemporaneous, that is there are no notes or written form - so the only way for them to be written would be if someone were to transcribe them.

If someone wanted to take on that project, I would be very glad to work with them.

There may be transcriptions of earlier sermons and lectures, but these are not the digital sermons available on-line.

Please pray for me and for this ministry and for our mission chapels, here and everywhere.

Peace be with you in Christ,

Fr John Brian +