Thursday, May 06, 2010

prayer for a friend in trouble

[from the correspondence of Rev Fr John Brian]

Q: Can you write a little prayer for my FB Friend who is suicidal after severe abuse by a boyfriend?

prayer for a friend in trouble 
O Lord, Jesus Christ, we come before You with all our troubles and all our worries because we know that You will hear us. We know You can heal us of our infirmities, strengthen us in our tribulations and protect us from all harms.  We ask You to protect one of the little ones who has suffered through the hands of others, through life circumstance and through her own inadequate efforts. Protect her from the evil around her and from harmful delusions that would cause her to harm herself.  Make Your loving, merciful and benevolent power known to her, so that she can see the way of hope, of love, of redemption, of healing and of wholeness. Grant her peace in her troubled time and quell the urges that seek to destroy her. Wrap guardian angel wings around her to keep her safe through the night-time of her life. And then, when the night is done, make that radiant light to shine upon her to nourish her in all Your ways - the ways of love, righteousness and peace.  This we ask of You in the same hope and expectation as the woman did for a daughter possessed, the centurion did for his servant and all those that brought the sick, the maimed, the possessed and the diseased for your healing touch while you walked among us. Work with her a miracle for good (and all who suffer in the night-time) .  Make us all examples of your loving-kindness in this world. Help us in our lowly faith.  We know that you can do all things for those that believe and that with You nothing is impossible - and so, all of this we ask You in Your Holy Name, together with the Father who created all people in His likeness and the Holy Spirit who gives life to all. Forever and ever. Amen.     
Pray for me, a servant
Fr John Brian


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