Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Good Night Hospital

photo by JBP 2011
Good Night Hospital
By Rev. Fr. John-Brian Paprock
Night Chaplain
University of Wisconsin Hospitals
August 2011

Good night Hospital, may peace come upon you by the gentle hands of the loving God who holds the whole world and still embraces the sorrowful seeking comfort

Upon your tired and weak and infirm, may the gentle night bring healing rest, may pain and suffering be diminished, may sorrow and distress be comforted, and every fear and shadow be abolished from this place

Upon those whose situations may became dire and tragic this night, give vigilance, wisdom, gentleness to the medical teams of emergency care, send them angels to keep their feet and their hearts light in triage decisions of life and death

Upon those wounded by the necessity of surgery, may the gentle night bring healing rest

Upon those whose life is held by the mercy of machines and the attentive care of night staff, may the night be uneventful and the machines function smoothly and attentive staff not weary in their care

photo by JBP 2011
Upon those whose life is coming to its end, may mercy, light and love fill those rooms with the fragrant prayers rising as on wisps of incense and gentle songs and lullabies fill those rooms with soft sounds soothing farewell tears

Upon the surgeons, with all the attending staff in operating rooms, if these room must be used, guide with wisdom and skill the necessary corrections so that healing and health can be secured

Upon those whose life is changed by traumatic occurrences, may they feel secure, safe, and welcomed to this place of refuge and healing - may whatever pain they have endured be left behind and a new course of health be clearly marked

Upon those that have rightly chosen to keep watch over the facility, to protect and secure all those abiding within its walls, may peace prevail and may the angels keep harm far from this place

Upon the hospital housekeeping and maintenance crews, may they feel proper inspiration in their work, knowing in their hearts the good work that they do in the night benefits all

Upon on-call staff, the doctors, the medical technicians, the administrators, may this night be one of peace and rest so that they may arrive refreshed in the morning for the new day of health care

Upon night nurses on the units that were busy during the day, may love be their guide as they watch over their patients put to bed for another day of treatment and rehabilitation

photo by JBP 2011

Good night, dear Hospital and all those within your walls, may peace prevail during this night - may the angels attend to healing, comfort and safety.

Rest, dear Hospital, for tomorrow brings another day of active care across your threshold.

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