Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Book Review: Living in the Eighth Day

Living in the Eighth Day (2006)
Google Books User Review
by Jarrod Ryder 
(note: The reviewer has disclosed that he is a member of Coptic Orthodox Church)

Fr John Brian Paprock is an American priest in the Malankara Syriac Orthodox Church [sic], who shepherds a mission parish of the Holy Transfiguration, Madison Wisconsin. Although he has been exposed to some of the great academic theological minds of our time, including Paulos Mar Gregorios (famous for his work on St Gregory of Nyssa's theology - Cosmic Man) he shows in this collection of homilies and pastoral recollections from the Church year a wonderful ability to communicate to all people.

Fr John-Brian Paprock's service should be interesting not only to Orthodox, but to people interested in religious studies in general because he represents a new trend in people seeking to know the mystical and ancient Christian faith of the early centuries in a contemporary setting.

Who would have thought, that amidst the mega churches of America with their modern innovations, people would begin to search for the heart of their historical faith and find it amidst a spiritual fountain of cultural and spiritual blessings from those ancient cultures that have preserved the original faith handed down via the apostles. I see many similarities in the experiences and message being promoted in the Church of the Holy Transfiguration to our small sister Church in Australia with the same faith and purpose, and it is a delightful read not only for its message(s) but also for an insight into a new breed of Christian mission that is older than the New Testament.

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